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Answer to Ed and his pursuit of the perfect looking princess girlfriend.

Answer to Ed and his pursuit of the perfect looking princess girlfriend. What you are describing could be described as reverse BDD (body dysmorphic dysorder). For anyone, if you stare at a face or body long enough, you will find imperfections and if your OCD attaches to this and you don’t do any treatment, then you will find this problem with anyone you date. If you want to overcome this, which would mean ultimately being able to be in a good relationship, be a good parent and have a partner you can love and depend upon for life, you will have to make a few decisions. And once you make these decisions, you will need to go through the difficult, but not impossible, process of learning to implement them. The decisions are deciding that you want to live with a person who will never look as perfect as you want. The two reasons for this are the one above – you will always find imperfections – and because whomever you are with will age. It may seem like you can’t get your mind off of the imperfections, but learning how to live with them is the process of therapy. You can check with the International OCD Foundation ( to see if there are experienced OCD therapists in your area.

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